Book and Art Journey

Class B

6 - 10 years old
Ten 45 minutes weekly
Registered child only

min. 4 students, max. 7 students

Join us for an exciting series of classes that combine the joys of reading and art making. Every week students will have a short in-class reading and then be tasked to work on a unique tie-in art project that explores what they have read through creative expression.

Projects will vary and may include but not limited to drawing, painting, mixed media, and crafts. Students will be guided in both expression and technique by an experienced art instructor.

Schedule & Program Fee
Fall 2012 (10 weeks)
Wednesday 9:30 AM October William open
Friday 9:30 AM October William open
* additional classes will be added.
Program Fee: $180
Registration deadline is two weeks prior to first class
Late fee charge apply