Piano Time 1

9 years old  and up
Introductory class: 45 minutes weekly, 5 weeks
min. 4 students, max. 6 students

Ground-breaking piano method book binds with theory, sing, ear training, sight reading, rhythm drill, ensemble. Class provides opportunities for beginners in a small group setting with creative and appealing way  to learn how to play Piano, and to develop music competency with musicianship through discovery, creativity and adventure. Studio will provide classroom keyboards for students, but all students need to have their own piano or touch-sensitive keyboard at home for practicing.

Schedule & Program Fee
Saturday 4:00 PM contact Mrs. Liu  
* additional classes will be added if necessary.
Program Fee
Introductory class – 5 weeks, 45 minutes, meet  weekly
Tuition: $120
Book: $9